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Signs Of True Love
How to tell if you've found true love
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There are many different ideas on what makes "true love", but these are signs most people agree on:

  • You can be yourself with the other person - you don't have to pretend; one of the most important signs of true love
  • You feel comfortable and secure with them, with no fear that they would hurt you
  • You feel better about yourself because they are in your life
  • You can ask them for advice, and when you do they work hard to understand the situation- they care as much about your problems as their own
  • You've had good times and bad times, but you still love each other
  • You know each other's flaws, and you can live with them
  • You are enthusiastic about life together
  • The idea of doing nothing together sounds fun - you enjoy spending time with them, even if you aren't doing anything exciting
  • When you are apart, you look forward to being back together
  • You consider each other's feelings before you make big decisions
  • Your differences don't cause stress or push you apart, but enhance the relationship
  • You're willing to go someplace you hate; In the dating stage of a relationship, this is common because you just want to date them; then the next stage, you'll avoid doing things you don't like just to please your partner-- but in the final stage, you compromise and your partner is more important than a place or event.
  • There is no violence in the relationship
  • You do little nice things for each other, 'just because'
  • You don't sacrafice, but rather compromise for each other
  • You feel emotionally intimate with the other person, and know you can tell them anything
  • You consider each other equals, and one person doesn't have to sacrafice more than the other
  • You respect each other
  • Your friends & family think you are a good couple

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