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Crush or Love? The Signs
by Gloria Liven
Some of the differences between a crush (infatuation/puppy love) and love.

Infatuation is the feeling of "falling in love"-- a blossom that can lead to love; and once that blossom grows, it can lead to "being in love".
Infatuation (also called a Crush) is common in new relationships-- but given time, it can turn to love. In fact, it is often thought of as an important (and exciting!) "first step" to love. It is important to know the difference, because when infatuation fades, you don't want to make the mistake that you are "falling out of love"-- you are simply maturing to a different level!

Here are some differences between a infatuation (we use the term Crush beacause it's shorter) and the later stage, love:

Crush: Intense feelings
Love: Feelings, but also a sense of commitment

Crush: Weakened by time; feelings lessen
L ove: Strengthened with time, feeling grows

Crush: makes one worry or obsess
Love: makes one relaxed and confident

Crush: Wondering what the other person thinks of you
Love: Knowing what the other person thinks, and if you don't, you discuss it with them

Crush: Imaginging what it would be like to be together
Love: Knowing what it's like

Crush: Every moment with them is blissful
Love; Sometimes you want to scream because they drive you nuts, but you still love them

Crush: You feel like you need the other person
Love: You feel blessed to have the other person

Crush: We never fight
Love: We fight but compromise and resolve our differences

Crush: You desire the other person
Love: You want what is best for the other person

Crush: You think of them all the time, everything reminds you of them
Love: You think of them when you're making an important decision or planning for the future, but you don't daydream about them any more

Crush: Is exciting and thrilling, fireworks and sparks
Love: is calm and quiet, warm and soothing

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