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Does she like me?
How to tell if a girl likes you!
by Gloria Liven

Most people won't be direct and say, "I like you". Instead, they'll use subtle signs or their behavior to tell you!

- She's around a lot
Does she seem to look at you a lot? Does she hang out where you hang out, or come by just to say "hi"? Does she go with you and your friends places?
When someone likes you, the BIGGEST sign is that they're around a lot.
If she likes you she'll find a way to be around you!

- She touches you
She brushes against you or touches you in some way. This is a sign she's comfortable with you and wants to get your attention!

- She laughs at your jokes
If she likes you she may seem like she listens intently and finds your jokes funny.

- She is shy or nervous
Many girls are shy around guys they like. If she seems toung-tied, or if she blushes and smiles a lot, those are signs she likes you.

- She calls/texts/messages you
If she goes out of her way to keep in contact with you, then she's making an effort to be in your life.

- She asks questions and is interested in what you say
If she seems to be really listening and asks questions about you and what you're saying, it's a sign she's paying attention to what you have to say.

- She mentions things she wants to do, or invites you to group events
"I wish I could find someone to go to the fair with", or "there's a great movie I've been wanting to see".
It may be a hint that she wants you to ask her out or come along with her.
If she invites you to group events, it may be because she wants to hang out with you but she's too shy to ask you out.

Well, if it seems like she likes you-- now what do you do? How about ask her out and get to know her better! Go on a free date! If she likes you, she'll find a way to hang out with you.


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