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How to get a guy to ask you out!
by Gloria Liven

Is there a guy you have a crush on, but don't want to ask him out? Traditionally, for some reason, it's up to the guy to ask the girl out; so, if you aren't comfortable asking for a date (I don't blame you, it can be scary!) then why not get him to ask you out?

The reason this can work so well is if he's shy but likes you, and you give him the right hints, it'll help him realize you do like him and make it easier for him to ask you out! Of course if he doesn't like you or isn't up for dating, then it won't work-- but you won't know if you don't give it a shot! Plus, you can't be rejected because you aren't asking him out, so it's not nearly as nerve-wracking or scary.

The Internet is strewn with silly advice, like "bump into him!" Sorry, but I don't think most guys are going to take that as a hint-- I know I wouldn't-- they'll just think you're clumsy. But there are ways to get him to ask you out, if he likes you, and it's much less stress than having to formally ask him out.

For one thing, people who like each other (even as just friends) enjoy being together and talking. So if you're hanging out with him, he'll probably start to get the idea that you like him (but whether it's friends or more is still confusing). If you go out of your way to say hi to him or talk to him, that's a big hint. Smile at him, laugh at him (if he's actually funny; faking is never good for a relationship). If he seems like he really likes you and likes talking to you and being around you, but just doesn't know how to ask you out, read on!

Your goal is to get him to ask you out, and take you on a date. One way is to mention something you'd like to do or a movie you'd like to see in conversation. If it comes up, say something like, "I've really been wanting to see that movie but my friends have all seen it!", or maybe, "Are you going to the fair next week? I might go but my best friend is too scared to go on the roller coaster with me!" Then it's up to him to say "I'll go with you" or something similar, if he wants to join you. Mentioning things that you're doing or really want to do with someone gives him a perfect opportunity to say he'd like to join you-- and if he likes you, he'll appreciate not having to formally ask you out! So this method makes it better for both you and him.

You can use the weather as a way of hinting, too. "It's really warm out, I wonder if anyone wants to go to the beach", or "It's a cold day, do you know of a good place for hot chocolate?". The weather often comes up in conversation naturally so you won't need to worry. These kind of statements are great, because they aren't threatening; You're not saying "Do you want to go on a date?", but you're showing him you're interested in doing something, and he's free to say he'd like to join you.

And if you're bold enough, you can ask him out! You never want to say, "Do you want to go out with me!" To find out why, read the article, "How to ask a girl for a date", and then use the tips there, only to ask him!

And remember if it doesn't work out, it's not a big problem. There's a lot of guys out there. It can seem like the end of the world if your crush rejects you, but it's really not, and you'll find another new guy that is worth your effort.

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